Monday, April 21, 2008

trrying to catch up

Here are some highlights from our life.

Ashlynn's softball team - awsome coach - ashlynn's got good skills!

Over spring break, I drove the kids to Vegas and Brian met up with us a day later. Vegas- 3 kids- one parent - quite interesting. Here's the kids at the Venetian. Ty screamed and threw a tantrum during the ENTIRE gondola ride. The nice fake Italian man tried so hard to act normal and tell his fake Italian stories and sing to us. I just plastered on my "I love being a mom" fake smile and promptly got Ty some gelato to quiet him down after the ride. The kids really liked the guy pretending to be a statue. Ashlynn drew him pictures and wrote him notes like, "you are good" and put them in his tip pile. He gave her a subtle thumbs up sign.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Which is grosser?

Ashlynn's tadpole died and she tried to revive it in a cup of water. She chose a sippy cup and put it on the kids little table in the kitchen. Ty then proceeds to walk up to it, take a drink, then bring it in the family room for everyone to see.


Briggs is hanging out at Farmer's Market with Amanda minding his own business when a 4 year old boy next to him drops his drawers and pees all over everyone around him for no apparent reason, Briggs innocently taking the brunt of it. He took it like a man.

Sorry I haven't posted spring break. I'm tired - always tired.
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Ty's Birthday

Ty is two! This birthday he loves Buzz lightyear, hence the cake. Nana and Papa got him a Buzz lightyear action figure and Buzz shoes. A big success until he decided to stand in the toilet with them (What is it with this kid and the toilet!) Nana gave him a nice lecture about not doing this with his shoes on. Now whenever we put the shoes on him, he says, "Nana says no no in da toilet". Yes Ty. Will you ever learn?
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Big Changes

My kids continue to amaze me:

Ashlynn lost her first tooth. Rather, the dentist pulled it because, as she told everyone, she had a "shark tooth" growing in behind it. She did great. No complaints.

One day I asked Briggs if he wanted to go outside and try to learn to ride a two wheeler. He said sure. Then 5 minute later, he was rifing on his own. No joke. It is just like potty training and learning to read with him. He makes it so easy to be his parent! The kid is a fast learner, just like his Dad. Now he zips all over the neighbor hood on his little 12" bike, looking the part of a circus clown.
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