Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Pirate Princess
Mario and Luigi
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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm not a great photographer like my dad. But every once in a while I capture a good one. . .
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Little happy moments

Yes, things have been busy. But I'm so grateful for the small things that have brought me joy amidst the chaos - small things like Ashlynn, Briggs and Ty, 3 happy little boys playing upstairs right now while I'm on the computer, being able to watch Brian play in a softball game last night while I had a good visit with a friend, having a much needed snuggle with Ash this morning, seeing her beautiful finger placement as she learns to play the piano, hearing Briggs say he is "infatuated" with a cute little girl in his kindergarten class, watching "Pushing Daisies" with my sister last night, and knowing that I have 4 whole days that I do not have to do homework with the kids.
Life is good.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Hiker for the Rober Clan

Our kids love to hike. We have tried to take them out more and more to get to love the outdoors. They have the energy and the stamina and rarely do we have to get them to keep up. It's normally us who bring up the rear. Last Saturday, Kate enjoyed a day long Relief Society Day. I took the kids, along with my dad (now the ripe age of 61) for a walk up to the Cal Poly P. Many of you might be familiar with this San Luis landmark, which has been around since 1919. It looks like an easy hike, but goes uphill really fast in a short period of time. Ty took my back up, Dad made it up after a little rest, despite his recent knee surgery. You get some really nice views of the city and the kids loved rolling and throwing rocks down the hill. We also were able to listen to the marching band warm up, for Saturday nights football game. Welcome to our hiking club dad!


I should totally be cleaning my house right now. Instead I'm visiting my friends and family on the computer while Ty is being babysat by the DS. I think I'm trying to ignore the fact that it's Tuesday and I hate Tuesday. Drive the kids to school, hand Ty off to a babysitter in the parking lot so I can volunteer in Briggs's class, Drop Briggs off at the school later for chess club while I take Ash, Maggie and Ty back to Maggie's house for Brooke to watch while I race back to school to supervise Briggs in chess club because he is way underage (suppose to be in 3rd grade), then take Briggs, Joe, and Madison home from chess club, help Ash and Briggs get homework done, help Ash get piano practice in, curl her hair, decorate the car, costume the kids, fix dinner, then take the kids plus one neighbor kid to trunk or treat at the church, then maybe try and roll home and kids in bed at a decent hour. . .
I'm tired. Can I just take a nap right now.
And the new Tinker Bell movie comes out today. Ash and I have been waiting FOREVER! Now we won't have time to watch it today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things going on in my head today. . .

1. I'm grateful for our freedoms in this country and the right I have as a citizen and a women to vote.
2. I'm excited that my kids are interested in the political process. They have been asking questions like, "How do you get to be president?" , "Who are these guys Obama and McCain?"and "What does 'Yes on 8' mean?". It has been very fun to explain these things to the kids and see that they actually get it. I found some really great kids books at the library that talk all about presidents and elections that answered alot of the kids questions in a fun way.
3. Even though I meant what I said in #2, it does make me sad that this election has gotten so big that Ashlynn stated this morning that she was worried that Prop 8 wouldn't pass. I'm grateful for the doctrines of hope and faith in the Lord, because that's was helped me calm her worried little seven year old mind.
4. We are making some progress with my health issues, but it is a slow process. I'm just so impatient. I want my hormones balanced NOW, I don't want to be critically fatigued EVERY day, and I'd like to not be losing blood for more than 30 days straight (if you know what I mean. sorry for the bluntness, but this is my life right now.)
5. Brian and I are on a new frugality kick and paying attention to every penny that we spend. We have been so blessed in our lives and continue to be blessed. But let's face it. Brian works in the financial industry and hard times are among us, so. . . we will be humbled and prepare for the future. That means: get food storage in order; make christmas more meaningful and less commercial; turn away 10 kids a day who come knocking at my door to sponsor them for their walk-a-thon ( I personally don't let my children hit other people up for fund raising); use more coupons; and try not to spend too much money at the fabric store or the book store (my personal weaknesses!)
6. Ty refuses to get potty trained. Will he ever want to leave my side and go to preschool? Did I do something wrong in my childhood to deserve this punishment?
7. I'm really close to unpugging the TV and the video games for the kids on a long term basis. Their lives are too centered around those crutches.
8. RS Craft Day on Saturday. So many lose ends to tie up: babysitters schedules and priesthood for the day, track down a quilt frame, and make sure everyone brings what they are suppose to.

As you can see, there a lot of things going on in my head today, and I just skimmed the top for you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Snuggle Time

This morning at 6:00, Briggs came into our room saying he wa scared. Normally being woken up really bothers me, especially at 6:00 on a Saturday when I can sleep in. However, this morning as he snuggled in with his "dee-dee" (blankie) I realized how precious this time is that I get to snuggle with my children. They are growing up to fast that I need to savour this time. Briggs has always been my snuggler. Even at 5, he still loves to crawl in my lap, push his soft little face into mine and give me a kiss. He still lets me pick him up and smother him with hugs and kisses and just rub his baby smooth little cheeks. He still has that sweet child smell (he hasn't quite reached the sweaty boy stage!) so now, instead of sending him back to bed until I decide to get up, he and I are downstairs watching Tom and Jerry. Here's to snuggling your kids as long as you can!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Evening

Relaxing, watching the Dodger's game together.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pushing Daisies

Nobody can replace "Gilmore Girls". I love it's fast witty banter, quirky characters and the Girls' wardrobe. However, I have been drawn into the world of "Pushing Daisies" (Wed. nights at 8:oo on ABC) and I feel like I might be able to remove my mourning clothes I have worn since Rory joined the Obama campaign.
This show is so cute. The colors are larger than life. The characters are quirky - from The Pie-Man, to Dead Girl and of course Miss Olive Snook! I love how Kristin Chenowith bursts into song every now and than, because how can so much song come from such a little woman? I love the fact that Ned and Chuck (aka Charlotte Charles) can't touch and the complexity it brings to the show. I love the vibrant timeless look of Chuck's wardrobe. I was so excited when I discovered that I had just bought the same orange blouse that she wore in last nights episode (Circus, Circus)!
For those of you who loved Gilmore Girls, you should really check this out. Nothing compares to Luke and Lorelai, but at least we can lick our wounds while we watch Pushing Daisies.
Tomorrow's post: I promise to go "virile" as Elder Ballard instructed us too.

Monday, October 6, 2008

New play place

This is where my kids have been playing together lately.
. . . the shower downstairs. This is what they call their "doggy pen".
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Sunday, October 5, 2008


I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Briggs's Mario Birthday Party. Him and his little buddies had a lot of fun. I love this picture of him. He wanted us to sing "you look like a monkey. . ." version of happy birthday and was just tinkled by it.
More to come soon. Brian and I just spent 3 days in Las Vegas where Brian had a conference, so I'm still trying to play catch up with life.
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