Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vocabulary Revisited

Ashlynn adjusting the cotton in Ty's ears for their jam session.

Let us revisit the quirkiness that is my childrens' vocabulary.

Ty utilized the following phrase in perfect context, in a very calm yet characteristically husky voice:

"Mom. Whoever smelt it - dealt it."

Briggs informed us that, after the record breaking temperatures we have been experiencing lately, the water from the fountain at school felt like "kettle water".

What person, born this side of Y2K, says, "Kettle water" ?

Briggs. That's who.

Ashlynn's teacher was impressed when she used the word "foreclosure". The teacher asked her if she knew what that meant. So Ashlynn proceeded to give a mini lecture about what happens to your home when you don't make payments. When the teacher asked her how she knew that, she proudly replied, "My dad's a banker!"

I was just glad she didn't continue with, "... and he has to foreclose on peoples homes all the time!"

Good times.

p.s. Did you hear the recession is over? I guess it ended in July. Nobody told me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Only Cool Thing About the Heat Yesterday.

All three of the kids made the local paper yesterday. In an above-the-fold picture, Briggs's tongue and Ashlynn's tushy were featured ( oh and a muscle shot of Ty).

The Central Coast experienced record breaking temperatures yesterday. 108, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! So we borrowed this slide from the neighborhood to cool off a little. As we were setting it up, a photographer from the Tribune came by and asked if he could take pictures of the kids playing for the hot weather feature they were running. Of course, I said yes (admittedly before I even checked his credentials!)

The afternoon was not without drama - the kids were pretty excited about the photographer. Ashlynn, always the diva, came running up to me at one point shouting, "Mom! The photographer saved my life!!!".

Of course he did.

Apparently the slide got a little top heavy (which tends to happen when there are 9 kids at the top) and started to fall over. Ash was heading for the sidewalk until the photographer made a running lunge and caught her.

To add to the drama, the heat and the water brought all of the wasps within a 3 mile radius to our front lawn. Combine this with bare-footed children and you have a recipe for disaster. Luckily we only had 2 stings (which are pretty good odds considering the amount of kids that were present.)

I think the excitement of the afternoon made up for the fact that the bedrooms were still 90 degrees when we went to bed. I furnished the kids with little ice packs in their beds to make up for the fact that one or two weeks of extreme heat doesn't justify the need for air conditioning in our home. With fans blaring and icy pillows, I think everyone was able to sleep well enough.

screen shot of my phone and our lovely weather!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change are blowing strong in our lives right now. For the past 11 years of our marriage, we have grown and learned a lot. This year, it feels like the Lord decided to step it up a notch. I'm not sure why.

Perhaps it's because last year we conquered a big challenge in our lives - my long struggle with postpartum depression. It's refreshing to say I no longer have that monkey on my back. I feel lighter and refreshed because of it. I also feel stronger and more wise. I suppose by having the arrogance to admit that out loud, the Lord has seen fit to bless us with more change!

So onward we go, just placing one foot in front of the other and taking things as they come. I'm sure eventually I will blog about all of these changes, but right now some of them are still sinking in and others are lurking on the horizon.

I take comfort in the thought that all of the changes going on are simply the result of living a mortal existence, and not the result of personal choices we have made. Why is this comforting to me? Because it means I didn't make a bad choice!!! (Have I mentioned I'm indecisive? Maybe I shouldn't tell you that. . . maybe I should. . .)

So how am I dealing?


Pictures of my cute kids.

And Chocolate.

Park City last spring break on a very cold day.

"Look, Mom! We found a baby mermaid!"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bowling in Pismo

This year for her birthday, Ashlynn wanted to go bowling.

So we did.

There were purple balls, cute girls and running on the Pismo Pier.

Easy and fun!

Monday, September 13, 2010

On the Last Day of Summer...

...this is what we did.

Searching for bubble gum in whipped cream! I wanted to see how the kids would react when I handed them an entire package of Bubblelicious and a can of whipped cream.

They were skeptical at first, then excited, then five minutes later complained of stomach aches.

"Honestly, Mom! Why would you let us do something like that?"

I really don't know. Even as i sit typing this post, my mind is drawing a blank...

Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day of School, 2010

We must get a picture in front of the Blue Door.

Ty actually started a week later, so here is his picture on the actual day he started. I love this one. It reminds me of John Cusack in "Say Anything". I kept telling him to put his pack down, but he insisted on displaying it this way. All for your viewing pleasure!

After 2 Hours of Quiet. . .

. . .this is what comes downstairs!

Bad, Bad-er, and Bad-est!

Then we were treated to a full concert, complete with refreshments and bed jumping. Brian and I sat through all 10 minutes of metal-bowl-drumming, all because it kept them entertained and cooperating for so long. I didn't even care that Ringo broke half of my kitchen utensils during his drum solo.

Happy kids = Happy mom!

P.S. Please note the cotton balls in Ty's ears.