Friday, March 29, 2013

Career Day

The kids had career day at school and were told to dress like future careers. The line-up:

Briggs - Engineer
Ty- Artist (he had the idea to paint the shirt the night before)
Ashlynn - Dancer

Can't wait to see what they want to be next year!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Briggs thinks Josh Groban looks like Bilbo Baggins.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ty's 7th Birthday

 This weekend we celebrated Ty's 7th birthday. I've gotten so use to my baby being six. Now I'm a mom whose youngest is 7.  That's not cool. NOT COOL ROBERT FROST!!!! (please feel free to click on the link through Robert Frost to watch a super cute video.)
 This soon to be 7 year old loves to read. Auntie Mae and Uncle Kevin got him the newest Stink Moody book.
 He's excited to be opening Mario Kart 7 for DS from Nana and Papa. Can you just hear his little lisp in this picture?
 When asked by his Nana what he wanted for his birthday, he said, "A mini gumball machine to put in my room." Can you say "left field"? But guess what Nana got...
 A mini gumball machine for his room. And the old Brown-eyed charmer strikes again!

 Grandpa got little man a slip n slide, because we like to be versatile in our ways of beating the heat in Sacramento!
 Ty needed a hooded sweatshirt. And he needed a red one.  Because red is his favorite color. And when he grabs a sweatshirt for school, he only has pull over hoodies and he's always worried about messing up his hair.
 The brothers checking out his new stuff. I'm pretty sure Briggs's legs are 4x as long as Ty's.

 And 3x as long as mine.
 My boys are no strangers to the ubiquitous Minecraft craze that is sweeping the nation. So...
 ...this had to happen. And mom wasn't too happy about it. I'm not really a fan of cake decorating. But the boy wanted a minecraft cake! And you can't buy one of these at the Nugget Bakery. So I just put up with the nervous stress sweat that I break out in when I frost cakes and GOT IT DONE!!! Whatever...
 I think it's funny when he gets shy.
Notice he's already wearing his new sweatshirt. Little man had fun with Grandpa and Nana and Papa and hamburgers and chips and Italian Cream sodas for dinner. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Ashlynn creating one of her impromptu masterpieces with cardboard, oil pastels and lots of glitter!

Today as I was pulling Ashlynn's hair back into a ponytail, I was keenly aware of the fact that my days as Ashlynn's ponytail do-er may be numbered. She's turning 12 this year and entering 7th grade. Is she going to want/need me to do that anymore?

I don't know.

So I'll make sure to enjoy every opportunity I get when she brings me the brush and a pony keeper.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Came From Your Body

Ty told me on Sunday, "Mom. I think I figured out that it's because I came from your body that I like you better than Dad."

True dat!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

More Briggs

 Briggs and I are reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows together. So while I read to him, he takes crazy selfies.
 He recently participated in the pinewood derby. He likes a simple sleek design. Red, with very little embellishments. When he turned it in the scout master asked him what the name of his car was. Briggs looked at Brian as if to say, "Are you kidding me?! I don't care!" With almost no thought he said, "Red". Someone suggested "Red Racer". Briggs agreed to that with very little thought. done. NEXT!
 Around Valentines day, I found this little love note from Briggs to Ty.
"Dear Tennyson,
You are AWESOME!!! (sometimes) I like to go on the trampoline with you. Playing Minecraft with you is fun, too. when we wrestle it is EPIC!!! (also sometimes) You are nice.
Love, Briggs
P.S. Good luck in the Minecraft match today!
Abe Lincoln Wife! She's a congress Lady!
3D square version of you
2D version of you"

These boys love each other.

p.s. Minecraft is a video game where you build world out of digital lego-like blocks. Its' the most recent obsession with these boys.