Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We parties hard this Halloween season. Between the Harvest Festival/Carnival at school and the Harvest Festival/Chili Cook-off (not trunk or treat) at church, an adult Halloween party for Brian and I and then actual Halloween night, we are all sugared up and partied out!
 This year Ashlynn made her costume. She saw an idea for a Book Fairy and has been talking about it all year. So with the pages of a book, she made herself a tutu...
 ...and used the cover for wings, she had herself a costume (after adding her own touches of stripes, sparkles, curls, leopard print and glow sticks).
 The boys were easy this year. Digital Dudz. done. Thank you Uncle Mark. They were a hit!

 The balloons behind them were filled with glow sticks, but even when the sun went all the way down, the street light was still too bright to make them glow much. I still think it looks fun, though. I may use this design in the future, only with more balloons and LED lights. When you work with glow stick, you're dealing with an expiration date.
This was the Digital Dudz shirt I wore for the 2012 Halloween season. It was cool. And yes, people stared at my chest all night. Not sure how I feel about that.