Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Best Library

I guess the Folsom area had some Mormon Settlers

 The best Library around is the Folsom Library. Whenever the kids and I are looking for a specific book online, it's never at our local Franklin branch, but it's ALWAYS at the Folsom library. So the kids and I thought we'd go check it out.
 Not only was the library in a really cute part of town, it was well stocked and well set up. The kids and I, all bibliophiles, just walked in with our eyes aglow, like a child entering a candy shop. Then it was go time. The kids were all, "Mom. Help me find this. Mom, where's that?". I seriously need to teach them how to find things in a library! It was like a frantic free-for-all! I couldn't catch my breath, the requests were coming so fast!
 Eventually we got everything we wanted (for the moment), checked out our books and headed outside. Because there was a mini train! I know the kids are growing out of these kinds of things, but who doesn't like miniature things? They all really wanted to ride, so we did!
 Then we found a rescue zoo on the grounds, as well. It had just closed, so we vowed to come back some other time. Next we found a really cool playground with a pioneer theme (think covered wagon play structure. My camera/phone pooped out on me, so, alas, no picture).
General consensus: The Folsom Library is Awesome!