Monday, March 31, 2008

Ashlynn's eyes

I love these eyes! She came back from a party and I had to capture the contrast between the face paint and her grey/green/ blue eyes.

Recently Ashlynn has:
participated in the school talent show. Her and two friends wore blond wigs and sang a Hannah Montana song.

won a creative writing award. The story will now compete at the next level of competition.

continued to wow us with her reading, love of science, bug collecting, mothering skills and overall prettiness.

We love you Ashlynn!
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Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patricks day anecdote

This is my favorite St. Patrick's Day anecdote:

When Ashlynn was 3, I was discussing what St. Patricks Day was all about. I explained that leprechauns came from Ireland, so they were Irish. Then I proceeded to tell her that her ancestors came from Ireland, so she was Irish, too. She replied, quite indignantly, "No! I don't want to be Irish! I just just want to be Selfish!"

This picture was taken in Kindergarten.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Soccer Mom Rant

I'm going to rant right now.

I just watched the tail end of a new show on the TLC channel. It's called "Secret Life of a Soccer Mom" I'll give you the basic premise.
They take a stay at home mom and tell her family she is going to a spa for a week. They then allow her to live out her career dreams that she gave up to be a full time mom. At the end of the week, their is a wonderful reunion with her familyand she reveals what she has really been doing the whole week. Then she is given the choice to continue being a full time mom or take a a "once-in-a-life-time" job offer of her dreams.
This concept sickens me. I'm not saying that women should not be fulfilled and happy. My problem is with society. This show is attempting to belittle the role that a mother plays in a family by glamorizing the dual life of a working mother. Why is being a mom not enough for so many women? Because society is waging a war on the family and they know that the only way to break up a family is by attacking the mother. Why not make her feel like a second class citizen because she is "up her chin in vomit ans spit up" (and I quote) every day. Why not make her think that she will benefit the world more by designing dresses that will only be worn once by over glorified celebrities at an award show then by being there for her children to teach them to love and care for the world around them.
Yes, being a full time mother is hard. There are times when I wish I had a lunch break, or weekend break, or a bathroom break for that matter. However the rewards from being a full time mother are so much more that any other job in the world could provide. The joy I feel on a daily basis can only be found while I am fulfilling my calling as a mother.
I don't normally get this heated over many issues. But I am tired of being attacked on all side because of my choice. And I am very saddened that so many children have to suffer in this world because women are being brain washed to be selfish. I fell so blessed that my strong, talented and intelligent mother chose to be around for all of my emotional ups and downs instead of pursuing a career simply for her fulfillment.
I want to hear your input. Have any of you seen this show? If so, let me know what you think.