Sunday, August 15, 2010


I had a friend in college who had a car that didn't drive in reverse at all. She had to find parking spots that she could pull through or else get help in pushing the car out of the spot. We both decided to make this a motto for life. Forward! No turning back. If you want to get somewhere, you have to move forward!


Just got back from a month... I mean a week... at girls camp. I've got a couple birthday parties this week to navigate, back to school prep, a couple of Primary events to work on... more girls camp paperwork to do. When I put it that way it doesn't sound too bad.(I'm being serious. No Bazinga here.)

I'm guess I'm just not ready to let go of summer. I like being free. Once the kids are in school, I'll have some free hours in the morning off to myself, but once they come home in the afternoons, everything kicks into overdrive. Emergency cards in duplicate to fill out, homework to navigate, carpools to configure, and high flying emotions that always accompany the great amount of change that a new school year brings. I'm not sure If I'm ready to tackle it.

I guess I don't really have a choice.