Monday, October 22, 2007

Family update

Just a photo update of family events.

As the kids get older, I love to see how they can entertain themselves better. This was a rainy day, and the two of them decided they wanted to go swimming. So they got their suits on, got snacks for themselves, and went "swimming" in Briggs's Nemo quilt. Kept them happy.
Ashlynn and the Green Ladybugs in action with their coach.

Lame! I can't figure out how to rotate the picture! Anyway. Brian and the kids at the pumpkin patch with Ty trying to escape (as usual.)

Confessions of an 18 month old


My name is Ty Rober.

I'm 18 months old.

And I'm a climber.

At first I just started out with little things, like bathroom counters, computer desks and kitchen tables. But one day it all escalated into hard core stuff - changing tables, bunk beds, kitchen counters. I knew I'd hit rock bottom when I tried to crawl out of my crib and nearly fell on my head. Luckily my mom caught me just in time. But now I have a tent over my bed that my mom and dad zip up over me when I go to sleep so that I have no choice but to stay in my crib. During the day, though, I have free reign of the house. I like to explore alot. Mostly into my sister's makeup and into the bathroom. Here is a picture my parents took of me this weekend. I was just trying to do what everybody else does. Even though I was fully clothed, with my diaper on, and sitting completely in the toilet, they don't seem to want me to keep doing this. I even had toilet paper (about half the roll) to get the job finished. I tried to tell them this by saying, "I wiiee. I wiiee." and cleaning my diaper area.

I really can't wait for the day when I get my first x-ray.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

End of Conversation

Just a quick anecdote from Briggs. We are trying to get him to stop sucking his thumb and have tried every tactic in the book - but to no avail. The kid just likes his thumb. So tonight we are giving him the lecture/pep-talk when he interrupt us and says, "OK, OK. End of conversation!"
Excuse me, little 4-year-old!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Winnie the Pooh!

It's fun to see that as the kids grow up, each of them has gone through a faze where they are really into a certain cartoon character - they talk about it constantly, want to always watch it and see it everywhere. Ashlynn was into the Wiggles, Briggs was into Dora, and now Ty has latched onto Winnie the Pooh. We are really excited to go to Disneyland next week and have him ride the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Road Show

Our stake just did a video Road Show. Brian helped out a lot with it, so I thought I would post some pictures of the day we filmed at the beach. We were filming Nephi trying to get his family to build a boat.

Friday, October 12, 2007

- the Little Stream

Odds and Ends

I'm trying to keep up, so I'm just going to post some of the little things that have been going on in the mind of the Robers. They are totally disconnected (the thoughts not our minds).

We went hiking with the kids so we had some time to just talk with the kids. Ashlynn asked if her Papa's job was the National Photographer. We told her no, then explained to her what he did. Brian explained it best when he said,"You know when you look at magazines? Papa is the one who makes sure the reds are red and the blues are blue."
Ashlynn got it, but then Briggs chimed in with ,"Yeh. And once I colored something orange and it wasn't supposed to be orange."

Briggs continues to work on not sucking his thumb at night. He had 3 great nights and was rewarded with a trip to the dollar store after each successful night. However, this morning he came into our room with a wrinkled thumb and a happy, satisfied look on his face.

Ty, as I write is systematically destroying the office and trying to pull the chair out from beneath Briggs because we wont let him have markers. This is why I don't update the blog as much as I used to. Needless to say, Ty will be dressed as a devil this Halloween.

Briggs got a hot wheels cereal box for his birthday. On the back was a contest that if you collect 3 matching trading cards you could win a Ford car. The kids casually asked about this in passing, then forgot about it. Later, I pointed out to them that the box had a coupon for a free Hot Wheels car from Target. I asked them if they wanted to go and get the free car that day. I was met with unexpected zeal from the kids. Then it dawned on me - "You do know that the car is only 2 inches long, right?"
"Oh. Nevermind. I don't want to go" said Ashlynn.

Ashlynn is playing soccer again this year. We will post some pictures soon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Marriage Proposal

My little sweetheart , Briggs, just announced that when he grows up he wants to marry me. As common as that is for little boys to say, it still tickles me to death! I told him I was already married to Daddy. He said he wished I had waited and not married Daddy. How sweet!
His little friend Harry asked him on the way home how constuction guys tear down walls when they are remodeling homes. Briggs said he thinks they must use their "might".

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Spelling Test

One of the reasons I love being a mom:
Ashlynn brings home her first grade spelling test. The first word on the test is, "a-s-s"!

Motherly Moments

After watching Lisa's post, I thought this would be appropriate. This heralds from our friends Vanessa and Jacob. They have 3 boys and a daughter Katie....

katie is kind of cranky, it's her nap time and i usually have to walk her around to make her fall asleep during church. it's not working. so i just kind of give up and just walk around so she doesnt scream in everyones ears. she's happy, and i'm being amused by the 3 year old that got up by the front pulpit and was saying "you can't catch me!" to the very embarrassed mom. he sees that the bishop spotted him and ran up further inbetween the rows of chairs, then he realizes he's cornered and gives up, every one chuckles, so do i. poor mom is embarrassd but it made church a little exciting...i go back to my seat as the final verse is being sung, and gather my stuff up and the kids take off, jake looks at me and says "i've got to tell you something" okay...what?...too many people around i guess, so he ushers me down the hall a little as we pass a few people smiling at us. nothing abnormal. then jake divulges the story "well you know how on the forth of july when we bought those fireworks?" yeah? " well you know how they had lots of different kinds of fireworks?" yeah? "well APPARENTLY, a tampon looks a lot like one of those little poppers you find in those packages of fireworks" ohno... "yeah i turned around and apparently ryan while looking in your purse to see if you brought any snacks or toys for church, came across your pocket in the purse that contained a tampon, and it was too late by the time i saw him he was very frustrated that the "popper firework" wasnt working when he pulled the string." ohno...."did anyone see?" "OH YEAH. there were a few families that were turning purple as they were trying not to make a scene from laughing hysterically, there were even some with tears in thier eyes!" that my friends is what happens when you leave your boys for half an hour with your husband at church.

Ty's new haircut

Ty just got a haircut and it was a little shorter than expected. Tell us what you think. Yay or Nay.