Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Motherly Moments

After watching Lisa's post, I thought this would be appropriate. This heralds from our friends Vanessa and Jacob. They have 3 boys and a daughter Katie....

katie is kind of cranky, it's her nap time and i usually have to walk her around to make her fall asleep during church. it's not working. so i just kind of give up and just walk around so she doesnt scream in everyones ears. she's happy, and i'm being amused by the 3 year old that got up by the front pulpit and was saying "you can't catch me!" to the very embarrassed mom. he sees that the bishop spotted him and ran up further inbetween the rows of chairs, then he realizes he's cornered and gives up, every one chuckles, so do i. poor mom is embarrassd but it made church a little exciting...i go back to my seat as the final verse is being sung, and gather my stuff up and the kids take off, jake looks at me and says "i've got to tell you something" okay...what?...too many people around i guess, so he ushers me down the hall a little as we pass a few people smiling at us. nothing abnormal. then jake divulges the story "well you know how on the forth of july when we bought those fireworks?" yeah? " well you know how they had lots of different kinds of fireworks?" yeah? "well APPARENTLY, a tampon looks a lot like one of those little poppers you find in those packages of fireworks" ohno... "yeah i turned around and apparently ryan while looking in your purse to see if you brought any snacks or toys for church, came across your pocket in the purse that contained a tampon, and it was too late by the time i saw him he was very frustrated that the "popper firework" wasnt working when he pulled the string." ohno...."did anyone see?" "OH YEAH. there were a few families that were turning purple as they were trying not to make a scene from laughing hysterically, there were even some with tears in thier eyes!" that my friends is what happens when you leave your boys for half an hour with your husband at church.



Oh my gosh! That is so funny! I mean its way embarassing but I wish I could have seen it. You should post that on that embarassing church blog.

Mark said...

that is hilarious!! --Lisa