Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Marriage Proposal

My little sweetheart , Briggs, just announced that when he grows up he wants to marry me. As common as that is for little boys to say, it still tickles me to death! I told him I was already married to Daddy. He said he wished I had waited and not married Daddy. How sweet!
His little friend Harry asked him on the way home how constuction guys tear down walls when they are remodeling homes. Briggs said he thinks they must use their "might".



That is quite the compliment and so very darling.

Mark said...

Both very funny. I love hearing stories like that since Kam doesn't talk least not coherently.

Mark said...

awww!! briggs is so dang cute -- is there anything more perfect for your little boy to say to you?


Grandma Caroline said...

Kate, you bring back memories and I am so glad you wrote this one down. I remember when you husband told me that he wanted to marry me, I think it was about the same time he gave his blankie to the trash man.