Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vocabulary Revisited

Ashlynn adjusting the cotton in Ty's ears for their jam session.

Let us revisit the quirkiness that is my childrens' vocabulary.

Ty utilized the following phrase in perfect context, in a very calm yet characteristically husky voice:

"Mom. Whoever smelt it - dealt it."

Briggs informed us that, after the record breaking temperatures we have been experiencing lately, the water from the fountain at school felt like "kettle water".

What person, born this side of Y2K, says, "Kettle water" ?

Briggs. That's who.

Ashlynn's teacher was impressed when she used the word "foreclosure". The teacher asked her if she knew what that meant. So Ashlynn proceeded to give a mini lecture about what happens to your home when you don't make payments. When the teacher asked her how she knew that, she proudly replied, "My dad's a banker!"

I was just glad she didn't continue with, "... and he has to foreclose on peoples homes all the time!"

Good times.

p.s. Did you hear the recession is over? I guess it ended in July. Nobody told me.


Grandma Caroline said...

I LOVE it when I hear about when my grandkids shine like that! That comes from good genes and a mom who reads.

ps: They haven't called it what it was yet- A Depression and no intelligent human believes it's over- not by a longshot.

Annessa said...

Those cuties crack me up! Hey...nobody told my checking account, or the school district or state, that the recession is over, either! What up with that?