Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things going on in my head today. . .

1. I'm grateful for our freedoms in this country and the right I have as a citizen and a women to vote.
2. I'm excited that my kids are interested in the political process. They have been asking questions like, "How do you get to be president?" , "Who are these guys Obama and McCain?"and "What does 'Yes on 8' mean?". It has been very fun to explain these things to the kids and see that they actually get it. I found some really great kids books at the library that talk all about presidents and elections that answered alot of the kids questions in a fun way.
3. Even though I meant what I said in #2, it does make me sad that this election has gotten so big that Ashlynn stated this morning that she was worried that Prop 8 wouldn't pass. I'm grateful for the doctrines of hope and faith in the Lord, because that's was helped me calm her worried little seven year old mind.
4. We are making some progress with my health issues, but it is a slow process. I'm just so impatient. I want my hormones balanced NOW, I don't want to be critically fatigued EVERY day, and I'd like to not be losing blood for more than 30 days straight (if you know what I mean. sorry for the bluntness, but this is my life right now.)
5. Brian and I are on a new frugality kick and paying attention to every penny that we spend. We have been so blessed in our lives and continue to be blessed. But let's face it. Brian works in the financial industry and hard times are among us, so. . . we will be humbled and prepare for the future. That means: get food storage in order; make christmas more meaningful and less commercial; turn away 10 kids a day who come knocking at my door to sponsor them for their walk-a-thon ( I personally don't let my children hit other people up for fund raising); use more coupons; and try not to spend too much money at the fabric store or the book store (my personal weaknesses!)
6. Ty refuses to get potty trained. Will he ever want to leave my side and go to preschool? Did I do something wrong in my childhood to deserve this punishment?
7. I'm really close to unpugging the TV and the video games for the kids on a long term basis. Their lives are too centered around those crutches.
8. RS Craft Day on Saturday. So many lose ends to tie up: babysitters schedules and priesthood for the day, track down a quilt frame, and make sure everyone brings what they are suppose to.

As you can see, there a lot of things going on in my head today, and I just skimmed the top for you!


Mark and/or Lisa said...

Good point on #1, that's great for #2, couldn't agree more with #3, great news with #4, good luck with #5 ;), #6 sounds like a worthwhile uphill struggle as does #7, and we hope #8 went well. You sound like a busy woman.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

i'm glad you're making progress healthwise -- i know how you feel. so they figured out it was hormones? you can answer in email if you want. good luck with all your busyness!~lis