Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Hiker for the Rober Clan

Our kids love to hike. We have tried to take them out more and more to get to love the outdoors. They have the energy and the stamina and rarely do we have to get them to keep up. It's normally us who bring up the rear. Last Saturday, Kate enjoyed a day long Relief Society Day. I took the kids, along with my dad (now the ripe age of 61) for a walk up to the Cal Poly P. Many of you might be familiar with this San Luis landmark, which has been around since 1919. It looks like an easy hike, but goes uphill really fast in a short period of time. Ty took my back up, Dad made it up after a little rest, despite his recent knee surgery. You get some really nice views of the city and the kids loved rolling and throwing rocks down the hill. We also were able to listen to the marching band warm up, for Saturday nights football game. Welcome to our hiking club dad!


Mae said...

That is a killer hike! I went another way that was much easier. You hike to the left of the ridge and slowly work your way up the back of the ridge until you get to the top of the P from the back side. Then you drop down onto the P and try not to skid as you pretty much slide down the incline.

It definitely has some amazing views!

Beagle Buds said...

Very cool photo! What a great dad you are.

Larry said...

I think the hike turned the corner for my knee. It has felt like a complete recovery ever since the hike. The pictures don't do justice to the steepness.