Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little happy moments

Yes, things have been busy. But I'm so grateful for the small things that have brought me joy amidst the chaos - small things like Ashlynn, Briggs and Ty, 3 happy little boys playing upstairs right now while I'm on the computer, being able to watch Brian play in a softball game last night while I had a good visit with a friend, having a much needed snuggle with Ash this morning, seeing her beautiful finger placement as she learns to play the piano, hearing Briggs say he is "infatuated" with a cute little girl in his kindergarten class, watching "Pushing Daisies" with my sister last night, and knowing that I have 4 whole days that I do not have to do homework with the kids.
Life is good.


The White House said...

I too had a great time chatting last night, watching the kids play so well, and being there to support the guys! Like you said, if they could guarantee it would be like that every week, I might actually enjoy this whole softball thing!