Monday, July 30, 2007

New blog

Mark, you seem quite intent on starting this up, so with my vast amount of free time, I thought I would do so for our family. I have labeled our site"SLO Rober". If Brian wants to change it - go for it.
I have other family members who have blogs and I enjoy them alot. They really keep us connected. And by the way, Mark, I have already forgotten the "stink it up" story of Ashlynn's. So if you could kindly post it for me to keep for our posterity, I would appreciate it.
My one revelation I will share for the family is that of my role as a mother. Brian and I always compare and discuss our jobs and roles in our family - Brian's as the bread winner out of the house and mine as the homemaker and nurturer. There are some times when I think I have the easier job, and their are time when I think Brian's job is easier. I have come to the realization that the hard part about my job is the fact that I am constantly putting out fires, figuratively speaking. When I am at home, I have days where I can take naps and just play. But throughout the course of the day, there are spurts of pure frustration. Ty throws dirt from the house plants all over, just as I notice that he has decorated the wall with orange marker, as I hear him playing in the toilet that, no doubt wasn't flushed, while Briggs is upstairs screaming bloody murder because he has decided to help himself to a bath and turned on the water as hot as it can be and is scalding his feet, while Ashlynn is chastising me with some sassy retort like ,"Mom! how long does it take to make my lunch!" These are the times when I think Brian has it SOOO easy.
But I love being a mom.


Mae said...

Hilarious and well written! You should post that to the Ensign or the newspaper. Hey, that way Ash could get in the news!

Mark said...

Very nice Kate. Well done. It's that can-do attitude that always made you my favorite Sister-in-Law.

johnlisa02 said...

We have this conversation all the time!!! I think our job is easier on a good day but on a bad day...there is no question in my mind whos job is worse! So worth it though. Not many people can take a nap, read a book, or blog for that matter at work.

P&S Fam said...

It is good to know that others get just as frustrated with their kids as I do. Gabe has a thing with toilets too. Maybe it's the age. I am so glad that we get the chance to have a peek into your family happenings. Paul and I often discuss the "job" thing as well. I think the topic always comes up when the family starts to grow. Take care.