Thursday, December 27, 2007

Children's thinking

Ty got a little tiny push cart for Christmas. It's about the right size for a one year old to push a few blocks or stuffed animals in. Ash and Briggs thought they would modify it for their own play. Ashlynn was sitting in the little cart while Briggs was loudly pushing her around and around the house. I thought this wasn't such a good idea so I gently told them, "Let's not do that. That cart is not meant to carry a 6 year old." Without even communicating Ashlynn got up and Briggs walked around and sat in the cart, the two of them preparing to continue their play with roles reversed. I had to then state the obvious that the cart was not meant to push 4 year olds, either. I love how their minds work!


Grandma Caroline said...

Oh my gosh, they communicate so well without words! As my kids get older, they remind me of things I never new they did, I think that is because they communicated as close brothers and sisters do- without words. You are doing a good job of raising your kids to love each other,

The Christensons said...


Mark said...

Smart kids.