Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Briggs!

Thanks for always being a trooper. When you were a baby, your 2 year old sister used to shove you in a doll stroller, and you'd just take it. When you were 3 the bakery messed up and forgot to make your special cake we had ordered. You had to pick out a cake they already had on hand, and you were a trooper about getting this flowered cake.

That's why I love you. You are so sweet and charm the pants off of anybody you meet. You are always ready with a kiss, a hug, and a fuzzy little nose in my face.

You are always so kind and giving. You have had a $10 bill burning a whole in your piggy bank for a while. Every time you see something that costs $10, you always offer to buy it for me, like such a gentleman.
I'm so glad you are my son.

Love, Mom


melissa said...

such a sweet boy! happy birthday briggs! hope you had a wonderful day!

Clint and Gillian said...

what a cutie! he's seriously one of my absolute favorite kids in the entire world! actually, all your kids are my favorites. i'm so glad i'm his primary teacher, i just love coming to church every sunday to see his smiling face! great job on raising him kate and brian! :)

Kurt & Annessa Bock said...

What a doll! He reminds me of you as a baby, especially the baby stoller bit!

Grandma Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Briggs! I want to say exactly what your mom said about you, you are a very sweet and nice young man. You are very much like your father was when he was 6. Don't ever grow up and become a cynic, keep your beautiful view of the world, it really is an amazing place to live in. Love, Grandma

Larry said...

That's my boy Briggs!

Mae said...

He actually wanted to spend my birthday gift to him on getting a pink carpet surf board for Ashlynn. What a sweety.