Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ty's 5th Birthday Party

 We played games. Friend Hyke

 Mummy wrap

 Cute shot of Ellie and Briggs.
 We decorated paper boats and floated them down the gutter. (notice the pathetic for sale sign in the yard. Sniff.)
 It was pretty cute seeing them all following their boats

 Lovely La Posada. Below, Ty got a new Indiana Jones T-shirt from the twins and had to put it on right now! Annika was embarrassed and covered her eyes. I love Charlie laughing in this one.
 special gift from Annika...
 And Grandpa
The cake . Which was an odd choice because he wasn't especially into "How to Train Your Dragon". His theme was the Backyardigans and we couldn't find a Backyardigans cake. I buy my cakes. I don't make them myself. Sorry kids.