Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Sweetness of Briggs

I love how my children are always bursting with news when they come home from school. Briggs is the best with this. Bursting! The door is hardly open before he has started filling me in on his day.

The other day he jumped in the car and said, "Mom. I have 3 things to tell you. 1. I got to go to the treat box twice today! 2. I won a district writing contest! and 3. I love you!" So sweet. You can tell he had that little speech all planned out for me.

I noticed that Ty was rather quiet in the back seat. This is unusual for him. So I prompted him to tell me how his day was. "It was alright," he mumbled. "But in the morning, I had a few tears because I missed you." So sad.

After Ty said this, Briggs reached down and pulled out a ring pop from his backpack, one of his prizes from his double visit to the treat box today. "Here, Ty. You can have this. Since you had a rough day."

 Watching the Dodger game with Dad.
 Hanging out at the park. In this picture he is wearing Giants colors because of a deal he made with his friend. They have a friendly Dodger/Giant's rivalry, so they promised to wear each others team colors as a symbol of solidarity!
He just makes my heart melt. (how did those legs get so long all of the sudden?!)