Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Day of School

 Last Day of School Picture! Even though it's only the middle of May, the kids look ready for summer- I'm ready for summer!
 This year I wrote notes everyday and put them in their lunches. I told them to save them and not throw them away. Because I dated them all, I was able to collect them and put them in order in a scrapbook and present them to them on the last day of school. Because my kids were superstars at the school with their reading, I also included a list of all of the books that they read this school year. The were pretty excited to read through them.
 I snuck into Briggs' class to take a picture with him and Ms. Hausmann, who was awesome!
 This is what 3rd graders do when you bring out a camera. So cute!
 In the hallway with all of their "last day of school" loot!
Ashlynn with her awesome teacher, Ms. Bridges. We were so lucky to have AMAZING teachers this year. They helped my kids soooo much! We are crossing our fingers that we get so lucky next year!