Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ashlynn is 11!

Ashlynn turned 11 which meant... I had to decorate (even though she said she didn't want a party.)
 I took her and Lauren to get their nails done.
 They both got a french manicure with gel polish, hoping it would last longer (it's already chipped...)
 I love their cute little feet!

 Then we went to BJ's for lunch and strawberry beignets!
 At 11, Ashlynn is still her sparkly self, although I'm starting to see her mellowing a little and getting a little more moody (wonder where she gets that from?)
 She was with me when I bought the wrapping paper and I asked for her approval (did you know that aqua is the new pink for Ash?). She said she liked the paper, but I had to "decorate it fancy!" Of course.
 The day of her actual birthday was the real treat. The whole family got together at Nana and Papas house for dinner, gifts and cake. Auntie Mae Mae and new Uncle Kevin were even able to be here. Thanks for planning your vacation around Ashlynn's birthday!
 Ashlynn was in her usual spunky mood on this day because she loves a big get together.
 It was Nana and Kevin's birthday in the month of August, so we celebrated those, as well.
 This year, Ashlynn was into anything sock monkey. If you slap a sock monkey on it, she's happy. But the big gift of the day was the... wait for it...
 The mermaid tail! This thing is awesome! it has a rubber flipper in the tail so you can actually swim with it! She immediately pulled it on, then we had to carry her around everywhere!
 Her sock monkey PJ bottoms that Auntie Nessa skillfully re-purposed. She's pretty talented!
 The kids were all pretty excited to see Auntie Mae Mae.
 The four layer banana cake that Ashlynn insisted on. I'm more of a "buy a really nice cake at the bakery" type of mom.I'm not really a fan of frosting cakes, but she wanted this recipe, so, after only a few mental breakdowns, we had a Banana cake!
 Then the kids and Aunts and Uncles played games in the back yard. The kids love Nana and Papa's backyard. At one point I heard Ashlynn, with her tail on, shout, "I'll be the mermaid referee!!" and it took me back to when she was a squeaky little-er girl.

Thanks for hosting a great night, Mom and Dad. And I think we did Ashlynn's birthday justice!


Sarah H. said...

So fun. Seeing your parents house and backyard takes me back to when we were the 11 yr. olds playing back there. Awww, the memories!!!

Lisa @ Over the Big Moon said...

I would have loved a mermaid tail growing up!

SLO Rober said...

Good memories, Sarah!!

Momma Teaches said...

That was a great day!