Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ashlynn's wit

This week, the kids and I are at my parents while Brian is experiencing his first Girls Camp for church. He is the High Counselor over the Young Women, so he is there as a chaperone of sorts.
Yesterday, my mom and I took the kids to Marine World (I will post pictures later). At the end of the day Ashlynn demonstrated her mastery of the English language and her ability to use a simile.
I was carrying Briggs on my back when he dropped a toy of his in the parking lot. The round toy started rolling down the steeply inclined parking lot and showed no signs of stopping any time soon. I dropped Briggs from my back and went running after it. When I returned (with the toy!) I found that Briggs had fallen on his bottom and was quite upset. Ashlynn, only commenting on the situation, not making fun, shouted, "Briggs - she dropped you like a toy she didn't want!"
Briggs was not too pleased with this comment, but my mom and I got a good laugh out of it.


Mark said...

Just like her mother. I've visited you blog several times Kate and somehow I never noticed this post until today. You snuck it in somehow.


Wow Ive never seen this post either. That cracks me up how descriptive she is.

Mae said...

Ashlynn's wit somehow scares me, it's so well developed. She observes people better than most adults (in such a mature way, too) and then describes it as well as adults! ("No flash photography, please...)