Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tenny the Tornado

This about sums up Ty. By the way, has anyone ever cleaned up baby powder that has been sprinkled all over a family room? (I use the term "sprinkle" lightly"


Mark said...

"Baaaad to the Booone...Bad to the the Booooone"!

By the way Kate, you have become quite the prolific blogger. Very cool.


THAT IS ONE OF THE BEST PICTURES EVER!!! I could not stop laughing. We are in trouble because between Davis and Ty they are going to be the two that are always in trouble and crazy. Hopefully Kam will help mellow them out when they are all together.

Lange Family said...

That is such a cute picture, I love how he is in his diaper that tops it all off!! I didn't know you were a blogger until I looked on the White's page.
The Lage Family

Kiwi said...

I just found your blog through the White's blog. Love the pics. Check ours out when you have a chance.