Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Vocab List

I have added an element to the blog as a way, mostly for me, to keep track of Ashlynn and her crazy vocabulary that she spits out. She copies everything she hears, but she knows how to use the words properly. If you click on the word, it is linked to wikipedia for the definition.

I've also included a picture of Briggs and his friends, Harry and Delaney, on their first day of school.



They look like buds! Can you in the word title for Ashlynns vocab list give us the sentence she used it in or some sort of context. Its a way cute idea to keep track. We always as moms think we wont forget and then we do!

Grandma Caroline said...

That is a precious photo of Harry, Briggs and Delaney. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Grandma Caroline said...

Does she know what precocious means? If not tell her she is! And tell Briggs he is too!


thanks for putting it in context. Shes amazing!

Mark said...

Thats a really cool picture of the boys. If they stay friends for a long time it will have even more meaning.

As for Ashlynn's vocab list, that is such a NOVEL idea. She sure knows a PLETHORA of words.

Amanda said...

Speaking of vocab, she asked me when she was not quite 4 where the word nickname came from. Brian thought she asked what nickname meant and after he explained, she said, No, why do we call it nickname. I had to laugh and explain it to her because I had just read in a book that nick comes from the scottish word "new", so a nickname is a new name.

I also just read an interesting argument for why it's totally ok to use, "a myriad of" as a noun, not just "myriad" as an adjective, but I won't bore you.