Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ode to Amanda

Brian and I are so lucky to have the wonderful family that we do, but I want to take this opportunity to tell everyone how AWSOME my sister Amanda is. I honestly don't know what I would do without her.

For those of you who don't know, Amanda, my younger sister, lives here locally and has been a livesaver in so many ways. She watches our kids all the time and refuses to accept payment, she helps us with our garden year-round, and she is always available to provide sisterly advice whenever I need it.

Some examples of how Amanda rocks:

She has the knack for showing up right at that time of the evening before Brian gets home and I am about to lose it. She'll take the kids out for a walk, or play with them in the garden so that I can get dinner ready or just put my feet up.

She takes our kids to Farmers Market EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY EVENING. For those who don't know, it is a massive street fair where the kids and their "Aunty Mae Mae" have fun traditions they enjoy. This is a huge deal, and she had been doing this for almost 2 years strait now. She loves it, the kids love it, and Brian and I love it. Can you say, "Win, win, win situation"?

She is always taking the kids to her house so that Brian and I can get big projects done at the house when necessary. Like today. Brian and I are getting ready for a trip and need to get the house ready, so Mae has all 3 kids. Am I spoiled or what.

Mae has spent so much time with our kids and knows them so well, Brian and I cosider her our third parent. I can't tell you how many times we consult her for parenting advice when we have a problem - and she doesn't even have kids of her own!

Needless to say, I have so much gratitude and love in my heart for Amanda. I am so much closer to her now than I have ever been, and it is all because she has truly shown me how gratitude and service can change a persons's heart.



Ummm, ever wanted to live in St George?

SLO Rober said...

After giving all of this praise to Amanda, I would be very remiss if I did not recognize the fact that Brian's parents are being tremendously helpful and generous by watching the kids while I accompany Brian on a business trip to Las Vegas. Thanks Mom and Dad! Brian and I have a great family all around.

Grandma Caroline said...

Well, I'm glad you appreciate Mae, she is one amazing woman! I love her too and think she is very special.

Mark said...

The cool thing about Amanda is that she's not only helping you guys out, but she genuinely loves your kids and loves being with them. Like she'd get almost as excited to see Ty say his first words as you and Brian would. You guys are definitely lucky to have her! (as you know)


Amanda said...

Ok, now it's my turn to say, "Aw shucks!" In true Hallows form, it makes me a little uncomfortable to be compimented, but, um, thanks!

You know I get as much enjoyment out of it as they do. I alays feel kind of guilty for showing up right at dinner time, too.

The White House said...

Very sweet tribute to Amanda! She does have an amazing way with your children... you can tell they love her so much! Wonderful helpful siblings/aunts/uncles/family are the best!! I don't think we gave my brother David the credit he deserved while he was here(I think it was the stresses of LIVING with him that clouded my perspective)! Now that he is gone, I definitely realize how much he really helped out with the girls!!! We miss him desperately! Don't ever let Amanda leave!!!!

SoCal Rogers said...

The Thursday night Farmers Market trip is such a cool tradition. I also like the reference to The Office, "Win, Win, Win"... or at least I hope it was.

SoCal Rogers said...
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small town big additude said...

um where do i get an amanda? did you get her on the internet? i want one!!!!