Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I love this picture of Brian with Ashlynn when she was just days old. He has always been so smitten with all of our kids. I just love seeing the look of contentment on his face with his little fuzzy headed girl in his lap. Even today, he's always willing to hold any baby he can get his hands on. WHY CAN'T I HAVE A DOZEN MORE BABIES!?
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John & Lisa Henderson Fam said...

He is a great Dad! I cant believe how tiny Ash looks. I know its not different than any other baby but still when you see that strong beautiful little girl and remember how little she started its amazing!

The Christensons said...

he did pretty good with my kids should at least have 4 more...really last week wasn't soo bad was it? i can lend you my kids for the summer if you want some time getting used to 7 kids...just let me know.

Beagle Buds said...

More babies...I ask myself the same question. The answer is a resounding: They don't stay babies for very long! They develop attitudes, opinions and get very expensive.

Grandma Caroline said...

It's up to every woman to make up her own descision on that one, but I can at least give my 2 cents worth: You are both GREAT parents! And Kate, you are an amazing mother, even when you get frazzled- remember that you are learning too.