Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Lefty

Here's a picture of my little lefty in his signature hat. I love how serious he can get when he is drawing or writing. His Preschool teacher is afraid he is going to be bored in kindergarden, but he still needs to learn how to share and raise his hand in class.
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John & Lisa Henderson Fam said...

I love that picture. Caleb said he wanted to see his Ashlynn and Briggs and I made the mistake of telling him we were going to see you guys at Grandma and Grandpas soon....I havent heard anything since then but "when!"

Grandma Caroline said...

What a handsome kid! I love lefty's, my sister is a lefty and look how I tolerate her! Just kidding. Briggs is really smart, but there is more than smarts to life, I'm glad Kate is a smart mom!

Mae said...

I still haven't learned how to really raise my hand in class. It annoys people to no end.