Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Morning musings

On this rare Sunday morning, I find the children all still asleep and some things running through my mind.

  • I must remind myself that I did not get my tonsils removed, thus negating the need for mass consumptions of ice cream(note the rounded hindquarters in the above picture).
  • I'm reading a wonderful book by Jeanne Birdsall that is about a family with 4 daughters who live the most poetic life. If you are looking for a couple books that will just make your heart warm, read the Penderwick books.
  • I feel like baking today. Maybe chocolate chip pumpkin bread for the neighbors.
  • The house has been very quiet and devoid of bickering between the two eldest siblings. Ty has continued to voice his general distaste for life, but Ash and Briggs must find it too painful to be worth their while. Thank you Dr. Malotte.
  • I think we will take the kids out for a drive tonight to see the lights. I don't want to get too stir crazy with them.
  • Lately I've been thinking about my leanings towards unique names. Many people have asked me why I chose names like Ashlynn, Briggs and Tennyson. I've always explained that in my family, we are very fond of unique names. While Kate is pretty average now, it was not 30 years ago when my parents chose that name for me (at least "Kate" by itself, not Katherine or Katie). I've always liked my name and thought it sounded very sophisticated when I was young. My older sister's name is Annessa Solange, which I think is beautiful. It was always an option for me when naming my children. My father, Ivo Lynn, comes from a large family full of unique names. My grandparents were named Ivo and Neola and their six children are named Kay, Colleen, Monya, Laile, Larry, and Ivo Lynn. Those children, in turn, have a plethora of children with unique names as well. I'm sure my penchant come as a shock to my husbands family. I'm sorry Larry, Caroline, Brian, Lisa and Mark.


Beagle Buds said...

Love hearing your thoughts! I like the unusual names, too.

Elisa said...

i love your story about the names. such great names too. thank you for connecting Jenn & I recently! it's so fun to know that she has a graphic design/stationary i'm feeling excited & overwhelmed as i begin my own! p.s. have you read CJane's blog? You both share the similar talent for writing your thoughts down on motherhood & life, in such a way it's fun to come back and see what your thinking about. happy christmas!! love, elisa

Lisa said...

I love your kids names. It is always hard to connect a name before the baby gets here but then they fill the name and its perfect. Im so sick of comments about the name Beckham when we tell people thats what we are naming the baby but I know it will stop when he is born.

PS. I think your hindquarters are looking good!