Friday, December 12, 2008

Tonsils. . . Out!

Both Briggs and Ashlynn had their tonsils and adenoids removed today. Everything went great. The kids were troopers. They didn't freak out before or after surgery. They cooperated very calmly and with maturity. When they came out of the anesthesia, there was a little grogginess and moaning. Mostly, they were indignant about the pain in their throats. "I just want to get that out!". They both were so over the surgery center and wanted to go home. Ashlynn bounced backed better than Briggs. Briggs refused to swallow until he got more pain meds, so he sat there drooling and gagging until Daddy came back with the Vicodin (thank you very much.) He then promptly fell asleep and Ashlynn asked to watch TV and eat a pb & j sandwich. For the first time in my lifeI said, "No. How 'bout some ice cream or an ice cream shake." Once she downed that, she wanted eggs. We opted for Ramen noodles.
I went to check on Briggs and he sat straight up, swallowed and said, "Can I play my DS now?"
So all is well at the moment.
The cutest thing all day was when they wheeled both of them out in an extra wide wheel chair. They sat there with their green hospital gowns and red rimmed eyes while they were wheeled side by side out to the car.
I'd like to give a shout out to Mae who watched Ty all day. Thanks, Mae. We couldn't do this with out you.


Joe and Monica DuPaix said...

I love your family pictures. Very nice! Good luck with the tonsil recovery. wow, what a big event!

The White House said...

Glad to hear everything went well! Hoping and praying for a continued speedy recovery for both Ashlynn and Briggs!

Lisa said...

WOW! I know how I felt after getting my tonsils out...what troopers!