Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the fashions of Hollywood

Do your kids ever do that thing where they turn a 4 hour drive into a 12 hour drive by asking every 3 minutes "Are we there yet?"

Ours do. In case you were wondering...

To try and pass the time, they ask which city we are in (as if they know the difference between Thousand Oaks and Sherman Oaks.) When we told them that we were in Hollywood, Briggs replied rather nonchalantly, "Oh. I bet a lot of men in this town have mustaches."

Apparently, he is correct. Thank you, my little random and inciteful child.

More on the Knotts Berry Farm trip later. I'll give you a little teaser by saying it involved a lot of rain, a sign saying "AMUSEMENT PARK CLOSED" and Brian asking a man in a yellow rain slicker "What does that sign mean?" to which the man replied (a little impatiently) "It means the park is closed."


Lisa said...

Due to Brians lack of patience with dumb people and dumb questions...I quite enjoyed that mans remarks!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Ditto what Lis said. And I think Briggs' comment is hilarious. Also your leapfrogging cows from last post were pretty good too.

SLO Rober said...

Hey, to my credit I was hoping the sign meant closed for only another 1/2 hour and then he'd take the thing down. He followed up with a "You can enjoy the shops and restaurants just over there!", to which my lack of patience did say in my head, "Yea old man, why don't you run that one by my kids. I'm sure you'll do a great job of explaining to my kids how you crashed their hopes for the day."

Mae said...

And boy do I bet their hopes were crashed! "We drove ALL THE WAY down here and we DON'T EVEN get to go IN?!" I can just hear Ashlynn saying that one.

I love how totally random Briggs is.

Annessa said...

Oh, dear, closed parks after 4 hours car rides are never a good sign. Who ever heard of an amusement park closing, anyway?!
I would love to know what Briggs was thinking when he said men in Hollywood must have mustaches. I thought the collage was a tribute to Dad's on-again, off-again relationship with mustaches!