Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Piston Cup, here we come!

Brian and Ty were running errands the other day in Brian's '96 Honda Accord. Brian had to gun it harder than usual to get out into the intersection. The process was loud, and the effect was not lost on the little brown-eyed boy in the back seat.
"Whoa Daddy! I didn't know you had a Lighting McQueen car!"
"Your winning, Daddy!"
"Cross the finish line!"

Our little guy is now 100% potty trained! Nap-time, Night-time, he hasn't had an accident since the undies in the toilet episode (which, BTW, were found crumpled in a corner of another bathroom, much to the delight of our plumbing pipes.)

Our mini-Martha announced the other day that Brian and I had a lot to learn about parenting. She's right. I can't recall what the particular oversight was that prompted this comment, because, let's face it, there are many. Mae was there. Maybe she can remember the infraction.

"I'm glad I'm a boy and the girls are the ones who have the babies. That would hurt."


V and Co. said...

haha! i love it. nate tells me i'm the worst meanest mom he's ever had all the time. sometimes i have to agree. thankfully his dad is almost home to balance everything out.

Whats Next said...

Congrats on the potty training!

The White House said...

Yeah Ty! Congratulations to you all (it is as much a victory for mom).

We had fun with Ty the other morning. The girls had a great time playing with him- he is welcome ANY time!

Mae said...

That was fast! He went potty for me twice today,too! Just said, "I have to go!" and went no problem! It was very nice.

But Farmer's always gets interesting with a newly potty trained kid. We spend a lot of time waiting in lines for things, then suddenly abandoning our position to make a dash for the potty. But that's ok! That's part of growing up. And luckily we know now where all the potties are this time around (Briggs had to test run the potty training at Farmer's for us...) I actually have no problems losing our place in line.

Grandma Caroline said...

That's a good idea to update all the kids cute "goings on" for Grma and Grpas who are far away and don't get to see those precious moments! Tell Ty that Grma Caroline is really, really proud of him as a big boy! He's a smart little kid and I see great things for that one!

No doubt Ashlynn will learn all the right things to do when she gets to try out parenting! Tell her it's a lot harder than it looks, Kids don't come with an instruction book!

Briggs is my man! He's right about being a boy and not having to have the babies, just remind him that he will have to earn the money to take care of those babies and I'm not sure that's not the harder of the tasks!

SoCal Rogers said...

On Tuesday... I totally would agree with Briggs, but today looking at Savannah I just couldn't imagine being a boy!

Annessa said...

Your kids are too smart for their own good!

I'm so happy for you and Ty to be potty trained! Tell him Aunty Nessa is proud!

Ryan Hallows said...

Congrats! I love the picture by the way.

Karen and Wade said...

As always your Family and the day to day events put a smile on my face.
congrats on the potty trainig that is HUGE for everyone.