Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Re-purposing at it's finest!

Have I mentioned Ashlynn is a craft Diva?

I saved this beastly excuse for apple packaging from Costco specifically for Ash's crafting purposes.

A handful of cute Japanese erasers, a box of Benderoo's (The kids actually had a blast with these infomercial toys that I thought they would over in about 30 seconds...) a little bit of 100% pute Ashlynn crafting genious and, VOILA!
An animal habitat to make even Martha swoon! (... well, maybe I'm a bit biased)

She came up with this all on her own.

Each bubble is a room for her critters. The letters on top are the animals' initials. Each room is custom decorated for that animals needs. I.E. the whale has a blue pond to swim in, The pink hamster has a pink jeweled chandelier, the panda bear has a platform made out of bamboo..


Annessa said...

That girl is so creative! I love it! No wonder she and Natalee had such a blast. I think you should post that on some crafty idea site - Martha would think it was "good".

Grandma Caroline said...

Well, we know where the creative gene's went to, don't we! Horray for her imagination!

Brooke said...

Love it! We are missing you guys. My kids just got bendaroos from the grocery store here in Oregon. They too had much more fun with them than I would have expected. Hope you guys are doing well....hopefully we'll get to see you sometime before school starts! :)