Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Ty said in the early hours of the morning

The kids frequently come into our room in the early hours of the morning with minor emergencies - nightmare's, leg cramps, can't find their blankies. But this one from Ty takes the cake.

"My mouth tastes like cat food."

In other news:
Apparently last night I "woke" up and asked Brian if their was a kid in our bedroom (as they often sneak in unnoticed until they are 2 inches from my face, where they then make themselves known, much to my heart's dismay...)

Brian told me there wasn't.

And then I responded with, "I don't believe you. You are a liar."

I have no recollection of this conversation... OBVIOUSLY!


Lisa said...

Man you and John can be ruthless at night!

Mae said...

I am dying with laughter! Thanks for sharing!

(And can you Kodak Gallery send me that photo of Ty? I want to make a print of it for a frame)

Mark and/or Lisa said...

That's hilarious. Kam would actually have good reason to say that cause he sort of has a penchant for sneaking Sammy's dry dog food... in fact he might even prefer one of Sammy's kibble over a fruit loop... not that we've tested that out before or anything.

Annessa said...

That is hysterical! I love the picture of Ty, with the crotch of the chest pad hanging near the ground.

I wonder - has he tasted cat food that he recognized the flavor?!

Mae said...

I swear I have never fed this child cat food. Ashlynn and I tasted some a year ago, just to know what it tasted like. But I have never fed, nor allowed Ty to eat, cat food. Just want that clear.

Lorne said...

I love it, I'm almost crying with laughter- thanks, I needed a good laugh today. -keely

Grandma Caroline said...

The clever things you come up with keep me laughing.