Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long Post, But Lots of Traditions

Christmas 2004

This past weekend was our traditional weekend we spend with Brian's family celebrating Christmas. As I've mentioned before, Brian's mom is like Mrs. Claus, so her house is always a treat for the kids to see at Christmas. There are all kinds of holiday surprises and decorations that fill the house, as well as the noisy sound of cousins playing together.
I love seeing the kids run around together like a mob of bandits. They are all really close in age and just have a blast. They were a little bummed out this year because the rain poured down all day Saturday. We usually have a BBQ, swim in the hot tub and then spend the evening looking at the spectacular lights in the neighborhood.
However, the rain didn't slow us down. Grandpa just heated the jacuzzi a little bit more and the kids still spent a good part of the afternoon swimming. Ashlynn and Caleb even got brave and managed to sneak a little dip in the regular pool ( I know, we are not very responsible parents for letting them swim in the rain!) But the kids had such a great time.

Brian pulling Ash and I while we see the lights in 2003

When it was time to see the lights, we just piled the kids all in one van, old school style (read: no seat belts...) and enjoyed the lights from the car instead of walking around bundled up.
After dinner, Grandma had gotten authentic Nativity scene costumes for the kids, so they treated us to a reenactment of Luke 2. Some of the highlights:

*"Ashlynn. You have to play Mary. Your the only girl. You are always going to have to play Mary."
"Okay! Fine!....But I am not marrying Ty!!!"

*Davis chose not to be forced into a wise man costume. Understandable for a 3 year old. But I was shocked when I saw Ty walk downstairs in full Shepard regalia, complete with a keffiyeh on his head! Then I stopped being shocked when I saw that Grandma had provided him with the proper tools to the trade- he had a shepherd's crook. That's right folk. A Stick.

*The only baby in the family is 11 months old, but he wasn't about to sit still while we wrapped him in swaddling clothes. So a doll filled the important roll. I was a little disturbed, as a mother, when I saw my 8 year old daughter with a doll shoved up her robe to appear authentic. I quickly got over that shock, though when the narrator read, "And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son..." and my daughter dropped the doll right out of the bottom of her robe, having the poor innocent land right at her feet.
Thanks for keepin' it real, Ash.

A little bonus for the weekend was being able to see Brian's dad put in as the new Bishop of their ward. It was a complete coincidence that the entire family was able to be present for this occasion (albeit a bit obvious to the rest of the ward when the whole Rober clan marched into P2!)
Thanks for a great weekend, Rober family.

Christmas 2007