Thursday, January 21, 2010

Watch the hand! Watch the hand!

Untitled from Kate Rober on Vimeo.

Reasons why I love this video:

1. I love how she watches herself in the TV like it's a mirror.
2. If you stick with it and watch the whole thing, you get some pretty fancy choreography towards the end.
3. I love the chomping of the apple, then relinquishing it to the table to get down to business.
3. The last line is classic. If you can't hear it's "Hi to the camera!" in chipmunk.
4. I loved that house for raising my babies in. Sometimes I miss it's simplicity.
5. I loved her two little buns on top of her head. It was the only way I could keep her hair neat at that age. (She won't let me do that to her hair now. I know. I asked...)


Mae said...

I forgot how she always watched herself in the TV and in mirrors! Hysterical!

Annessa said...

That is some pretty amazing moving! I'm so glad you captured that while she was so young. She even mimics the elephant trunks in the dance - she's destined for dance interpretive in her future!

Grandma Caroline said...

What a precious video! I don't think I ever saw that one before, but how CLASSIC ASHLYNN it is. That girl has moves even from that age that should make a mom wince.