Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Constitutes and Emergency?

Ty must have learned about 911 at preschool today because this is the question he posed to Brian this evening:

"Dad. If you got pee on the ceiling, would it be an emergency and would you have to call 911?"

To which Brian blindly walked into it with the question, "How would you get pee on the ceiling?"

"Well. You just point your privates at the ceiling."

Briggs must have learned what "teleported" meant at school today because when he showed up seperately at the bank from Ashlynn, and she asked him how he got there he pointed at the van and said, "We teleported! In that!"

Also, we aren't quite sure what to do with this rainy weather lasting so long. This morning I opened my sock drawer to put on a pair of socks, AGAIN, and realized I only own 4 pairs of socks. Rarely do we get more than four days of rainy or cold weather.



Annessa said...

That's so funny: I just had to go buy socks, too! Plus, I realized, some of my shoes are just down-right dorky worn with socks. My boots have received a work out like they haven't in 5 years (yes, they're actually the cheap pair I bought at Wal-Mart 5+ years ago - that's how little I wear them.)

Some generic blog said...

HA! Me, too, about the socks. Actually, I have just taken to staying home, so I can just wear my slippers and give up on socks altogether. I have also misplaced any shoes passing for warm, unfortunately.

Brooke said...

I hate socks...I don't think I own any...but this rainy week has been enough to make me search in my children's sock drawer for some warming footwear.
By the way...we also get ice cream on the ceiling of our store...maybe Ty can explain how that happens? I've never been able to!

Grandma Caroline said...

I'm so glad the Kid question ball has been passed to you and Brian, that way I'm not the one who has to deal with it.

As for socks, how many do you need? My toes are toasty!

Lorne said...

I love your kids, they are hilarious! I've had the same sock problem, luckily I got some for christmas. -keely