Friday, February 26, 2010

I was going to make one of these cute pockets for Ty...

...but the last thing Ty needs right now is more pockets.

Here's why:

He's a thief.

He started out just sneaking things like my phone or video games from the cupboard he's not supposed to be in. I also caught him putting a candy bar in his pocket in line at the grocery store. But yesterday his sneaking escalated to full on petty theft.

Luckily Ashlynn spotted the packet of gum bulging from his pocket when we were 10 steps outside of the gas station. I was mortified, but we were in such a hurry to get Ash to piano lessons, that I just grabbed the gum, put it back and left. (I did give Ty a pretty good lecture while I was buckling him in the car.)

Once we dropped Ash off at her lesson, I made up my mind that Ty needed to learn his lesson now, otherwise the sneaking was going to get worse. So I explained to Ty that he was going to have to go back and apoligize to the gas station man for stealing his gum. (I didn't know if he really comprehended the stealing part of it, but he new he was being disobedient by hiding the gum in his pocket.)

When I told him our plans, the corners of his mouth actually turned down and his eyes got all watery while he said, "But I'm going to be shy".

Call me heartless, but I was actually pleased to see this reaction because it meant this consequence was making an impact on him.

After a quick explanation to the gas station man, he bent down to hear Ty's confession. Of course Ty just kept his face down while his big brown eyes searched the attendants face for some sort of mercy. No matter how much I prompted, he wouldn't say anything. So I excused Ty and myself so we could, how shall we say, reassess.

"Ty you have a choice. Either you can apologize to the gas station man, or I can take you to the police station and you can apologize to the policeman."

Whoa! This got his attention. However, he wouldn't be a fighter if he didn't try one last tactic.

"But you don't even know where the police station is!" he stated defiantly.

"Oh yes I do! It's right by Daddy's bank. So what's it gonna' be?"

No thought."I'll apologize,"

He marched right back over to the man and stated clearly, "I'm sorry I stole your gum." Then he threw himself into my arms.

Hopefully he learned his lesson. Probably not, though. Remember we are talking about the kid who got stuck TWICE in the toilet and has gotten his mouth washed out with soap multiple times. He's not dumb, but he refuses to learn from his mistakes.

This makes everything so much more fun for me!


SoCal Rogers said...

This happened to me when I was young. I took a bag of ballons from the grocery store. As my Mom was loading the groceries in the car she saw the balloons in my pocket. She immediately took me back into Ralphs and made me apologize to multiple employees. I remember (clear as day) standing there as the manager told me how wrong it is to steel. That is probable my earlies memory. Trust me when I say I NEVER TRIED THAT AGAIN. It will be interesting to see if Ty remembers this experience 20 years from now.

Grandma Caroline said...

Kate, I repete you are a Saint! Brian tried that once and thought he got away with it, he might have been Ty's age. I had sent him to the Liquor store for some milk. He stole a pack of gum. When he got home and I saw the gum, well, I smatched it away, and we walked back to the Liquor store and I made Brian tell the man what he had done. The man said that was OK and I said no it isn't, he must make retribution. So, I made the man go get a broom and Brian had to sweep the whole floor while I just watched. It was harder on me than him, but luckily, he learned his lesson (I think) at least I never caught him at it again. Good luck, you are doing everything right.

Annessa said...

Those are such cute pocket thingies! Keep up the good work, Momma.

Lisa said...

Oh man...I hope he learns. Good for you for being so on top of it. At least he shows remorse. Davis just looks at you all happy when hes in trouble and says, "Oh sorry!" In the same tone one would say Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is super cute! I love the layout and the colors/pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is uber cute! I love the colors and pictures! You have really adorable family

Anonymous said...

Soo cute .

Lesha said...

What a great lesson. WOW, you were on top of it. I wish we lived closer so I could get more tips like this from you.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

I love how he has so much personality and how he's always thinking....he's going to be famous someday for something.

-dan-d- said...

Way to stick to your guns!! I love hearing about a mom who doesn't back off and let the kid run the show! I also love your quick thinking! ("You either apologize to this man, or to the police man!") Haha! You are brilliant!

thinlipid said...

Oh gosh, I think all kids have problems with stealing at some point. I know my niece, Genny, and a few of her siblings used to pick up candies in the store. We wouldn't even know about it till we got home and they were sucking on their lollipops.

Thank goodness they got over that stage. Now they just think anything can be bought with a dollar and a few pennies!