Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Father/Son Campout

Father son campout is a much anticipated event in our household. The boys really look forward to spending time with their dad and friends from church. And Ashlynn and I enjoy spending time with each other for one night.

I should post about the campout, but I didn't go.

So I don't have any pictures.

I heard that they had a blast.

But I will tell you about what Ashlynn and I did!

Every year we try and do things as girly and possible. We get our nails done. Eat dinner at the Madonna Inn, where everything is PINK including the sugar. We don't pass on the dessert. Then we watch a movie and top it all off with a Mother daughter slumber party.

This year we didn't get our nails done, but did a craft instead.

Have I mentioned my daughter is crafty?

She chose to make this doll. Then we watched "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken".

The next morning before the boys came home, I took her to get doughnuts for breakfast (just in case we didn't get enough sweets the night before...) Then to make up for the doughnuts I allowed Ashlynn to come with me on my run. (This is normally sacred time for me.) She wore her roller blades and listened to her ipod. (I'm not going to lie about the fact that it made me feel pretty good when she complained, out of breath, that the run was too long. 6 months ago i couldn't run much longer than 3 minutes...)

Maybe next year I'll post about the boys campout.

Or maybe I'll just post about the cake Ashlynn and I ate at the Madonna Inn.


Annessa said...

Fun weekend! I love all the pink.

Grandma Caroline said...

How much fun! I love how you know what girl things are fun to do. I've never been to the Madonna Inn, I think I would like it.

Teresa said...

What *girle* fun! That's awesome that you make it a tradition, and everyone has fun!