Thursday, July 21, 2011


The kids at the little school house museum in Old Sacramento.

As we are meeting new people here, a very common question we get asked is, "Where are the kids going to school?"

To which I have to reply, "I have no idea.They can't tell us"

While I am trying to have a good attitude about this, I must admit, it makes me rather nervous.

Here's the basics:

We would like them to attend their neighborhood school. Actually, we don't care which school they attend, or whether it is traditional or year-round, we would just like them all at the same school...on the same calendar schedule.

But, the neighborhood school doesn't have room for them. I'm not sure if any of the schools have room for all three of them. They have all been on a waiting list...waiting to see what the class sizes will be, waiting to see how many teachers the schools can hire back. If we find out that there isn't room for any of them, they will offload them (that means send them to another school).

To some school.

But I don't know which one.

The most recent conversation with the school secretary covered topics like whether or not we would like to gamble and wait until August 15th when tradtional school starts and hope that there is space for all of them. But if we lose the bet and there isn't room for them, then one of them might get moved to another school,in which case they might have to send one of them to a year-round school, in which case that one child will have missed an entire month of school. So do we want to start that one kid - who may or may not have a spot a the neighborhood school - this week in the year-round school so that he doesn't miss a month of school?

Are you following me ('cause I'm getting up to get some Xanex to calm my nerves right now!)

I told the secretary I was uncomfortable starting one kid this week at a year-round school on the off chance that (1) there isn't going to be space for him come Aug. 15th at the neighborhood school and (2) they won't be able to off-load him to another traditional calendar school.

I'm finding all of this very difficult because we are so new to this system and I don't know how to play the game. And that's what all of this feels like - a game. When I tell people my kids are on a waiting list, it sounds like we are trying to get them into an elite private school, or at least the best public school that everybody wants their kids to go to.

Nope. Just the neighborhood school. All of the schools here are top rated, so I don't really care where they go. Just find me a spot in one location for my 5th, 3rd, and Kindergatener to attend - and tell me when- and I'll be there!


April said...

Well said Kate:) Hope good news comes your way soon and all the kids can get in the same school! We were chatting and your kids are so smart they can just skip a year of school! ha! I mean really Ty is reading like at a 3rd grade level, I miss you guys and so do my kids!

Annessa said...

I hear ya! Soo frustrating. And it won't be long that you won't have any choice about the kids being on different schedules, simply because of their levels. So, you want to have them on the same schedule as long as you can.

My only advice - don't make one kids start early. Act like the best scenario is going to work out and go on that plan. They're not going to miss that much and you can bet, if you keep calling and be nice, your neighborhood school is going to do what they can to get all your kids in. Ask to meet with the principal, just 'cause, and see what happens.
I know, it does sound like private school petitioning. Shame on you for living in a desired area!

kmk said...

Man that is so crazy! It sure makes the SLO system seem so easy!