Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Splash Parks

The second day here, we unloaded the truck. Thankfully my sister and brother-in-law and kids, and my parents came to help us unload. It went pretty quick, but unfortunately it was very hot, and, again, the AC was out.

So we pooped out quickly.

(As a side note, we motivated the kids to help with the unloading by taping a sheet of notebook paper to the side of the U-Haul with all of the kids names written on it and a sharpee marker attached to it. Every time the kids brought something in from the truck, they gave themselves a tally mark. They quickly picked up on this game and starting dubbing certain items to be "2 pointers" or even "4 pointers". I had made it clear that there were not going to be any prizes given out in the end, or even a winner declared, but rather, it was a way to see how much they had accomplished. I did have to make it clear to my dad once that nobody was giving out points for style when he made a very precarious exit down the truck ramp.)

Luckily, Elk Grove has a lot of Splash pads at their local parks. So my sister and I took the kids to one of one of them right by the house.

Natalee and Ashlynn

Annessa and Briggs


Annessa said...

That was a fun day!