Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wands and Words

The kids have been on a roll with their funny little anecdotes.

Briggs came home and very solemnly told me that his teacher might be gone for a little while because her mother is in the hospital and probably going to "kick the bucket". I'm pretty sure I choked on what I was eating at the moment, then I collected myself and asked him if that is the way his teacher explained it. No, that was just him paraphrasing. I then had to explain to him what a euphemism was. Luckily his teacher adores Briggs, so even if he had asked her if her mother had kicked the bucket, she probably would have laughed.

After school, Ty yelled to me from the toilet, "Mommy! Today was a rip off! We didn't get to go to the computer lab!"  It was obviously very important to him and needed to be shared RIGHT NOW!

Later after dinner while he was picking out jelly beans he says, "I like the color hot pink. There. I said it. I like pink!" Of course, this was said as if he was saying, "You got a problem with it!?" all the while bobbing his head and rolling his eyes.

Last Saturday we took the kids to the governor's mansion in Sacramento. At the beginning of the tour, the guide was telling us about the original owner who built the mansion. He was explaining that the man, through hard work, had amassed a large amount of wealth. Therefore he wanted to build a house that would show off his new social status. To which Ty replied under his breath, but so everyone on the tour could hear, "That would be bragging." Out of the mouths of babes.

As for Ashlynn, move over Ollivander! There's a new wand maker in town! We are going to Gehrig's Harry Potter themed birthday party on Saturday, and the Rober household is all in a dither with preparations. Briggs created a new spell for the occasion and Ashlynn decided to create wands for the whole family.


Mirembe said...

your kids are the coolest! tell Ash that I am totally in love with the wands she made! Those are awesome!