Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas Brian wanted to organize closets. Luckily Grandpa was there with the better idea of going into San Francisco! Good, Better, Best, Brian...
 The lobby of the Hyatt at

 It was a cold and foggy day in the city. Within minutes of reaching the end of pier 39, the fog cleared and we snapped this picture.
 Just for fun, we decided to take BART into the city.
 Daddy and Grandpa were entertaining the kids with physics puzzles - flies on trains and Newtons Laws and other nerdy things.
 They were obviously enjoying themselves.
 Well. Except for Ty.

Can you tell I liked the lights.


Annessa said...

I love this family picture of you guys! Seriously, SF is way better than organizing closets. But, Brian gets browny points for trying.