Monday, December 12, 2011

Jobs around the house

The kids have been doing a good job helping around the house. We are trying to give them chores that they can learn to do properly and be successful at. Ashlynn has been learning to cook. As of now she can make a pancake dinner by herself and here she is learning how to make spaghetti. She's getting pretty good at it.

Ty's job is to clean up the toys in the backyard. As you can tell from his graffiti, he doesn't like this job. In fact, he hates it and thinks it's stupid! That kid cracks me up. He gets so fired up and mad and he doesn't even care that we were obviously going to see his sentiments written in the very sidewalk chalk he was supposed to be cleaning up. This message was more than likely intended for Brian and I to see. His way of giving us the giant middle finger, if you will (even though he doesn't know what that is).

One of Briggs's chores is to vacuum, which he takes very seriously. Which is more than can be said about eating, because, as is very obvious from this picture, he doesn't take that very seriously. (He gets so mad when I call him skinny! I just tell him I wish people called me skinny!)


Annessa said...

That is so funny! AT least he can spell. Good luck with the jobs.

April said...

loved catching up on your blog! Haven't read it in a while:) Love how you write and love your kids...Miss you guys!