Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

My favorite picture of the day!
 Waiting upstairs Christmas morning until we give the ok to come down and see the tree.
 Running downstairs. I'm pretty sure Ashlynn is always first.
 Reading the note from Santa after eating their cookies and carrots
 A random sampling of gifts.
 Opening up the Build-a-Bears Grandma Caroline had made for each of the kids before she passed away.(I'll include videos of these later)
 We came across some sparklers and started a new tradition. Fireworks on Christmas!

 Nana and Papa came and went to church with us. Here they are playing a game with the kids. It needs to be pointed out that even though Papa is keeping his distance, he was in fact playing the game with them. Papa doesn't play games, but apparently Apples to Apples was his speed!
 Grandpa and everybody checking out their new gifts.
Boys getting their LEGO on. I bet this is a picture that a lot of families with little boys captured on Christmas morning.


EJ said...

For the record, my dad played Apples to Apples with us this summer too. Apparently it is Hallows approved!
What great pictures, it looks like you are enjoying your new house.