Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Balloon Launch for Grandma's Birthday

 We released balloons last night in honor of Grandma's birthday today. We all wrote little notes to Grandma and tied them to the balloons. This is the third year we've done this. We also like to have a nice big helping of Grandma's homemade Mac and Cheese. We miss our Grandma.

Briggs, always in Dodger gear of some kind.
Ashlynn, always performing.
 Ty, always talking.
Last year on this date, it was so windy, we barely made it out of the car before our balloons blew away. This year, the breeze was perfect to send the balloons off to heaven.


Michelle said...

I love this Kate! To honor my grandma, we take the ferry from Sausalito to the Ferry Building and have lunch as a family since my grandma took that same ferry many years for work. It is so nice to have this tradition for your kids!