Friday, April 5, 2013

Instagram Feed

Part of the reason that I stopped blogging so much was because of Instagram. It's so easy to snap a picture and upload it to my feed, but I realized that there are some people who don't have Instagram (Aunt Lynn and Janet! Hi!). So I'm trying to not let this blog die out. The kids love looking through the blog books that I have printed every year.

So for now, I'm going to try and at least post some of my Instagram pictures here.

I call this picture "Two Things I Found in the Backyard in One Day". The kids and Brian were working on a 500 piece puzzle and had it completed except for one lost piece. I found the piece on the back patio. Go figure. I also found this black widow spider the size of a penny. Luckily it was dead already so that I could set up this shot. You've got to get the shot!

 I love it (not really) when elaborate projects come home with your first grader and even though it says optional in the little bubble, your little one HAS to make it. Ugh!

 This spring brought beautiful magnolia blossoms on our neighbors tree.

 I think perhaps Ty should have this shirt.

 Miss Rosie Cotton likes to play in our Fischer-Price house.

 Ashlynn loves Rosie. I think she's ok, but would be cuter if she didn't have red eyes. I think they are a bit evil.

 This note is from Ty, and yes, that is the toilet seat. Good place to leave a note.

 It was only in the 60's but the sun was shining and the kids were "dying!!" and insisted on going swimming.  I didn't have to get in, so I didn't mind.

 Can you see the line across Ty's face that goes straight into his ear? That's how fast this kids ran past a small tree. It missed his eye by about a centimeter.

 People in this town are sassy!

This is a shot of Brian, in bed, on a 2 hour work related conference call with 4 or 5 other guys, on a Sunday Night. Nothing but romance around here, folks. And Brian works too hard!


Lisa @ Over the Big Moon said...

I really wish Instagram would have an option to post to blogger!

janet said...


Thanks for thinking about me---I love your family and the exciting way they embrace life!