Friday, January 4, 2008

Country Song

You must read this from Amanda's blog (yes, I plagerized).

I honestly don't know where she gets it.

Amanda writes:

Ashlynn asked me to tell her another story about me when I was little. So I told her of the time I was on the swim team and my relay team beat the school record. I explained that we swam faster than anyone from our school had ever done before for that race so they painted our names up on the record board. Ashlynn replied, "And was it up there for so long that they wrote a country song about it?!"

Kate later asked her if she knew what a country song was and she said, "It's like, you know, "I been working on the railroad..."


Mark said...


Beagle Buds said...

Yes, we should make up a song about each of our accomplishments! How cool is that?!

Mae said...

How about "Go Briggs! He rocks! He scares my chicken pocks!" ~Ashlynn, 2007