Friday, January 4, 2008

New Loft

As many of you have already seen, we did a small addition to our house. The upstairs was a funny shaped loft with an open space to the downstairs entryway. To make better (and safer) use of the space we knocked out a wall and added a couple of closets and Voila! instant play-room (well, not exactly instant).

Here are the before pictures (taken while the previous owners lived here).

Here are the after pictures (use the window and the bedroom doors as a point of reference):


Mae said...

I love each piece of furniture or decoration you keep adding. I remember going up there recently and suddenly thought, "Hey, I like how this feels!"

Beagle Buds said...

You really have created a cool space. It feel like it was supposed to be that way. Great job!

Mark said...

Wow thats really nice. I imagine that will help keep the family room cleaner.

The Christensons said...

very nice! love it! i wish i had one!

Grandma Caroline said...

I am always amazed at how my kids can 'see' things in a place where things don't exist! Well, done, I love it!