Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nap Time!

For those of you who enjoy a good Sunday nap, this is for you.

When I announced today that I was going to take a nap after church, Ashlynn said, very petulantly I might add, "Mom. I'm sure you can survive one Sunday without a nap!"

Brian heard her as he was walking out of the room and and could not pass up an opportunity to razz his little smart mouth. He would say over the next 5 minutes, "Ashlynn. I'm sure you can survive one Sunday without watching a movie!", "Ashlynn. I'm sure you can survive one Sunday without wrestling your brothers!", "Ashlynn. I'm sure you can survive one Sunday without eating mac and cheese!" She had finally had it, put her hands on her hips and exclaimed with a smile, "Can we please change the subject now!?"

I think she got our point.


Mae said...

Yeah, I said something like that to a highschool math teacher. "Ms. So-and-So, don't you think you could take your bathroom break a few minutes earlier so that we can start class on time?" Um, yeah, now that I'm older, obviously it was a stupid thing to say. Teach Ashlynn now that no good can come from her brain and mouth being slightly more beefy than other children's. I barely made it through that year without the teacher killing me- ask the other students in her other classes.

The Christensons said...

i'm making her a pillow that says "ashlynn is made of sugar and spice and everything nice with a dash of sass and bossy"!!!

SLO Rober said...

How perfect!

Mark said...

i can't wait to see how ash is as a teenager. I like her sass -- she definitely won't ever let anyone walk over her, and you'll never have to worry about any boys taking advantage of her either.:)~Lisa

Beagle Buds said...

I love your parenting style! Crack me up!

Paul, Sarah, Noah, and Gabe said...

Happy Birthday. I hope that you had a good one. Can you believe that we made it to 30? I still remember riding our bikes to buy rootbeer and top ramen. That is so gross. I can't believe we used to eat the stuff. Take care.